Thursday, April 19

The 2012 London Marathon

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image credit: Martineric on Flickr
The 2012 London marathon takes place this weekend, and people from all over the world will be travelling to London to take part in the competition on April 22.

Some people enjoy taking part in marathons because they see running as a way to improve their health and fitness, while others run marathons to raise money for charity and other good causes. Most people who take part in marathons don't expect to win and just enter for fun, but for top athletes, it is a serious business!

This year's London Marathon Exhibition was opened by the athlete David Weir on the 18th of April, 2012. Watch the video below about the exhibition opening, and then scroll down the page to answer some questions.


1) How old was David Weir when he completed his first mini-marathon?

2) How many times in a row has David competed in the race?

3) How many times has he won the London Marathon?

4) When was the last time he won the race?

5) Which company sponsors the London Marathon?

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